There is a range of accommodation available.
The rooms on the docks at Critter Cove are the Cabins, Suites, and Lodge rooms.
The land-based units are the Chalets, Cottages and Beach Houses.
We do have some unguided fishing boats available if you are confident fishing on your own, and don’t want to BYO boat. 
Please contact us for rates and availability.

Cottage Beach House Lodge Room Suite Cabin Moorage

For rates and availability, please email us at or through the contact page.

Chalets – Land based, waterfront – each of 3 bedrooms for 2 people, so 6 per Chalet
Cottages – Land based, waterfront – 2 couples, 3 individuals or a small family
Beach House – Land based, waterfront – 2 people
Lodge rooms – Floating – 3 people or small family
Suites – Floating – 3 people or small family
Cabins – Floating – 2 people or small family

The map below shows the layout of Critter Cove.
1-16 are cabins.
21-23, and 31 to 33 are lodge rooms (31-33 aren’t on map below yet, they are in 207, 300, 301 area.
41-46 and 51 to 56 are suites.
The green blocks A, B, C, D and E and chalet are on land. Will update map soon – the Chalet on this map is F, G and H chalets are beside F.


Critter Cove from above