There is a range of accommodation available.
The rooms on the docks at Critter Cove are the Cabins, Suites, Lodge rooms, and Hunter’s Lodge.
The land-based units are Beach Houses, Cottages and Chalets.
We do have some unguided fishing boats available as a package with the Cottage, if you are confident fishing on your own and don’t want to BYO boat. 
Please contact us for rates and availability.


Chalet – Land based, water front – Each of 3 rooms must be booked together. Each room for 2 people (2 queen beds)        
Cottage – Land based, waterfront – 2 couples, 3 individuals or a small family
Beach House – Land based, waterfront – 2 people
Hunter’s Lodge – only available to repeat guests, 8 bedroom floating unit.
Lodge room – Floating – 3 people or small family
Suite – Floating – 3 people or small family
Cabin – Floating – 2 people or small family

The map below shows the layout of Critter Cove.
1-16 are cabins.
21-23 are lodge rooms.
41-46 and 51 to 56 are suites.
The green blocks A, B, C, D and E and chalet are on land. There’s two more chalets beside the one on the map – updates coming. 


Critter Cove from above